Tuesday, September 11, 2007

San Clemente Pier - Yup its really that nice

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Mountain Biking

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Pissing Me Off

You know I am probably the person who gets angry the fastest out of anyone I know. However, on the same token I am also most likely the one that gets over things the quickest. I think that no matter how angry I get at a situation or set of circumstances its just not enough to make me mad for longer than, say a minute. Also I think that it has helped me a lot to actually just let things slide off. I remember when I was younger, i forgot who said this, but they said to be like a duck because everything just slides off their back. I agree with that. I think that when someone gets mad they are actually only letting other people control them. I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said that no one could make you feel what you did not let them. That in my opinion is a true statement It does not only go for people who make you mad but for people who make you happy as well. For those people who make you happy need you to let them in so they can have that positive influence on you. Anyways...that was my quick rant.