Monday, November 1, 2010

“Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.” – Bruce Lee

That quote coming from a guy who could do push ups with two fingers, and crush ribs with a two inch punch.  I don’t think that Bruce meant that the individual should deny their abilities.  I think that the fools he was talking about were those who seek attention for what they do without having really accomplished anything.  If you seek to draw attention to the little things and seek rewards for them you deny yourself the ability to aim higher.  Little accomplishments or temporary goals are stepping stones to long term excellence.  Make the stepping stones your goal and you end up with rubble spread across a field with no orientation or purpose. 

When I run, I am forced not be the fool.  The miles ticking away have no reward but themselves.  There is no prize for training, no medal for your PR on your regular loop.  It is just you against yourself.  If you attempt to show off to yourself, injury and fatigue will quickly set you straight.  Glory in short cuts?  Every runner knows short cuts are simply cheating and they will catch up to you sooner or later.

I am really content with my running so far this year.  It has kept me level headed and has given me a lot.  I have also been exposed to so many great people…it is just exciting.  I am really excited for this year.  Thank you to all who have read and emailed me with kind words of support.


bleakness69 said...
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bleakness69 said...

Your reward for running is slow but it will come if you live long enough. Staying healthy and leading a healthy life will pay off. Just look at all the people living in retirement homes. You can clearly tell who is enjoying their golden years, it's the ones with little to no medication and no doctor bills.