Monday, September 7, 2009

War on Drugs

There are a few times when I feel proud of the work that a country does, but at the same time I am saddened that more is not being done by neighboring countries. According to a BBC article I read recently 13,000 individuals have lost their lives fighting organized crime, i.e. the Cartels, in Mexico.
I am proud of the work that the new president Felip Calderon is doing in Mexico but I am saddened by the lack of commitment coming from the US. I understand that the US is going through somewhat of a recession right now, and everything I have read points to no visible end in sight. I still feel that the US has a large part in the Mexican plight since we are the #1 consumer of what they are selling.

Why do we continue to consume drugs in the US?
Have our methods simply not worked, jail, rehab, a blind eye?

I am concerned with the world my nephews will grow up in. I wish that I could walk with them and tell them that its going to be alright, but I am not sure that it will be. I pray for all the law enforcement agency staff, and military staff on both sides of the boarder for their sacrifice and the risk that they run combating these cartels, but why aren't we as a society helping them out. It is a supply and demand equation. If we as a society would not look at drugs as merely a part of life glorified by many forms of media and look at the issue of addiction as a disease we may begin to see some change. Now I am not going to write and tell you to create a series of laws that will just create more burden in out jails, nor will I tell you to legalize everything under the sun.
I do say that we are capable of a happy medium, heck we put someone on the moon four decades ago...I think that we can figure this out.