Monday, November 23, 2009

Golf Game - Random Thoughts

I read an article in golf digest about the most dangerous course in the world. One of the holes runs along the South Korean boarder which technically still a war zone since no official peace was declared and it made me reflect.

I have found myself hitting an awful lot of golf balls recently. I think its because I am nearing the end of the semester and by chance I found out I could buy and sell clubs on ebay for small profits - used to pay for books. So I do a lot of research about brands and styles so since I am always reading about it the bug to go and hit is always around. Also there is a golf range near school with reasonable rates. Its in Korea town, they are nice people there, odd because Korean music plays and I do not understand. Yet I think I can now hum most of the songs; though i have no clue what they say.

Anyways, I have been hitting golf balls a lot because the act of striking a ball forces me to not think about anything else but the task at hand. It feels effortless when I hit well and a train wreck when I am off, but its all worth that one good shot. It also loosens the muscles in my back which feels great. I commute to school and most of the week I drive about 120 miles per day. I know, that is nothing compared to other people, but others do not sit in parking lots called freeways like southern Californians do.

I feel very lucky to be able to practice a game that for many years was considered elitist, or out of the range of the common man. I think of all of the great pioneers in the sport, and like other sports, they had to come up and work hard to make things happen. Americans we are truly blessed, we have so many opportunities that it drives me crazy when I see people acting like fools on the news.

I know that I have had a lot of good fortune in my short life span and a great family that supports me in my odd hobbies, but more than anything I remember reading the Declaration of Independence as a grade school-er and nodding. thinking to myself, heck yeah I am an American. I know that what I have done in life is nothing like the men and women oversees serving our country in the middle east and other places; but to them and to others here in America I say, hell yeah i am an American, and a proud one too.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I read an article about the fact that banks will now have to ask if their clients would like a $35 dollar overdraft fee. That a great thing, and I hope that it will not only help consumers but also force banks to make money the old fashioned way; service and excellence. According to the article the maneuver of “helping” you out and then charging you a ludicrous fee is a billion dollar industry. I can only imagine how many struggling professionals and students have had a cup of coffee before a presentation or exam cost 40 dollars. Its outrageous.

I have also been blessed to be reading the opinions of many judges due to my law school classes. There are truly brilliant people out there. How refreshing to think about it. Sometimes I forget that there are those great minds hidden in the rush of everyday life.

Besides that nothing much else is going on. Oh wait, my golf swing, its hilarity. I think I have changed it at least ten times. I was doing the math, every Golf magazine has as the lead article “add 20 yards”, “add 10 yards”, etc. I guess I should have a 400 yard pitching wedge as should the rest of America. Anyway, the struggle will continue, hitting balls after work has helped at least relieve some stress.