Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yesterday - Birthday Reflection

I closed a tough year last night. I celebrated my birthday with some golf at my local course. Did not play well, but the company was great. More importantly I have tamales waiting for me at home…these are Maiz Colorado Tamales. They are purple, no filling and sweet. I have no clue how to make them but they are a traditional July food in my families region in Mexico and aunts who visit usually bring some back for me because they know I am pretty much an addicted to them.

I have learned a few lessons this year which I hope to take onto next year. My training has been better than it was at the beginning and hopefully it will continue to improve. My personal goal for this year is to have a training month where I average 40+ miles per week. It’s a tough goal but I think I can crank it out.

But #1 thing to close this year right is to thank you my dear S. You have been there through my ups and downs. You know everything I have dealt with and been dealt this year. You did not forget me when so many others did and you made sure to ask the questions no one else would. This last year has been amazing. You have convinced me to try different food, places and customs that I did not even know existed. Sometimes you get on my nerves for not properly hydrating (disclosure: I am paranoid about hydration and mountain lions) and I will still give you a hard time about it because I worry about you. But, I love you and thanks for sticking around.

Ok well back to the running.

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