Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rest Week Reflections

Next week I hope to be running the American River 50. Last year it was my first 50 mile attempt and I committed error after error (Report). I could have given myself a better shot at finishing but the truth is that until I experienced an ultra the wisdom never really sunk in. The small things save you if done right and doom you if not. It can be as small as taking out the pebble in your shoe to reminding yourself to keep eating even when everything tastes like bad cough medicine. I "knew" what to do and had received a lot of advice from the Quadrathon Blog (link), and other trail running blogs but experience is the best teacher. I DNF'd at Beal's Point last year and it was an eye opening experience.  

Mile 22 - struggling

Since that April day I have completed several runs including two 50 and one 100 mile race, but the AR50 is still that race that I will keep trying to go to year after year because it has meant so much for me. I learned to be humble via that DNF and now tend to seek my best rather than the best and that distinction has helped me become a better runner and I hope a better motivator for others. 

Bulldog 50k finish
I see myself as a fitness ambassador. I love helping people get healthy and stay happy. I pretty much try and con people to sign up for sites like DailyMile or any community that will get them out the door. I am the first to admit I used to run angry. I was that guy on the trail who was so focused on his run he never bothered to look around and take it all in. When I started trying to be the best "me" things got easier. I ran smoother and smile a whole lot more. I like saying hi and encouraging others on the trail, it has helped me through dark patches and I feel its my responsibility to pay it forward.
Rocky Road 100 Endurance Run - Mile 60
I do not know what is going to happen at the AR50 this year. If I can finish under 11 hours and have a Western States qualifying run that would be great, if not that is okay as well, I just hope I can hold a smiling pace the whole way through (and running fast won't hurt either)


altorresusc said...

Looking forward to next week my friend! Way to get after it...I'm proud of you brother!

PREZ said...

Two thumbs up to you, Alex.
Hope you had a great race buddy!