Friday, August 31, 2012

Headlands 100 - Pre-Race Preparation

I am sure that you are tired of hearing it; the training is not there. My average miles per week have been pretty low (almost crazy to attempt low) considering the race. My name is Alex and I am a hypocondriac. There may be a stress fracture in my left shin but I emphasis "may." The situation is one of two possibilities; either fantasm pains or a real problem. I will sort that out with the doctor but in any case after the Headlands I am forcing myself to take a month off from running. I will most likely do some other activity like hiking or bike riding but definitely will lay off just to mentally reset for the next attempt. Anyhow, here is the plan.

Ideal Splits
Loop 1 - 6.75 hours
Loop 2 - 6 hours
Loop 3 - 7 Hours
Loop 4 - 7.5 hours
Total Time: 27.25 hours

I am not sure that I will be able to hold that consistent of a pace. The plan is to finish within the 26-28 hour range. Assuming I have no big setbacks that is in the realm of possibility but going easy at the start and still beating the cutt offs may be a challenge if the heat kicks up. A huge thanks to Chris G. (first pacer at RockyRoad100) for the chart.

Ideally - 250-350 Cal per hour
Tailwind Nutrtion - will be my main fuel source. It is a power similar to Vitargo (less calories per volume - can do 600 cal of Vitargo in waterbottle, but bo electrolytes) TW includes electrolytes so having that regularly rather than remembering salt caps "in the midnight hour" will be a plus. the benefit to these types of nutrition over just regular gels is that its all in one and helps reduce the instances of GI issues since it sa slow feeding rather than throwing down calories chased by water.
Secondary Sources - Cliff Shots, Aid Station Regular stuff -I will probably stick to solid "real food" for the first half and then gels for the second. I will mostlikely take a few gels fromt he tables when I get to them just in case I need the extra kick of sugar.

-GPS/Time - Garmin 310XT and 910XT (50 miles on one - potentially 50 miles on the other, taking extra precaution becuase I am probably going to fight cut-offs)
-Headwear - Headsweats Visor, Oakley Radar Glasses (crowies), Buff Headwear (pretty standard evening/night gear for me.
-Headlamps - BlackDiamond Storm, Black Diamond Sprinter, Possible Fenix head+hand combo (going to look into)
-Clothing - NF Better than Naked Jacket, Patagonia Long haulers 3"/ NorthFace Flight Series 5" (depends on weather), RaceAdapt Tech Tee, Perl Izumi Sun Sleeves (white), Moeben Arm Warmers (black)
-Music - iPod Shuffle (2nd half)
-Hydration - 2x - Ultimate Direction Handhelds (worked for my first 100) - Daylight hours keeping it light and easy two swap in and out from, then Salomon Advanced Skin (Review), easier to work with a pack at night and especially dealing with Fatigue. I am also probably going to carry a flashlight as a 2nd light source to get some deapth perception, since one light only tends to lead to tunnel vision.
-Drop Bags - Victory Sport Design Bear 1 - waterproof, tested and I can't risk wet or damaged gear especially considering the varying temperatures @ the Headlands (review to follow after the race)

Drop Bag Content
I am not sure what aid station I will hit the dark at so I will be packing similar items in both bags just to make sure. But the bags will be placed at Rodeo Beach (start) and Tennessee Valley.

-Tailwind Nutrition - large container and plastic bags already set up to grab (each plastic bag will contain 2 servings equivalent to 200 cal. - one bag per bottle during the day.) Because I will be using the pack at night I will be going with 4 scoops per full pack (1.5 liters = 50.7 oz). Reasoning for this is that I know to stay awake I will be chewing on food or downing soup in addition to the calories from TW.

-Headlamps - BlackDiamond Spot/Sprinter (#1) blackDiamond Storm (#2) - unless I can nail down this fenix lamp.

-Shoes - Hoka Mafate - sucessfully used at a AR50 and Calico 30k (Altra Lone Peak will be my main shoe, but I may want to extra cushion after 50 or 75 so the Hoka will be in the Rodeo Beach Drop Bag)

-Gels - Hammer Gels just in case some of the cliff flavors @ the race don't agree with me

-Misc - (both bags) nail clippers, band aids, duct tape, needle+string, Ibuprofen, S-Caps, extra socks, gloves (in case weather turns), Moeben arm warmers, extra Buff (both bags), heavier North Face Torpedo Jacket (in case of high winds)/Salomon Vest - NF and Vest are interchangeable probably one in each bag.

I know that I will probably have to shrink my dob bag content or shuffle some gear but for now that is the plan. In the next few days when I find out what the status is of the shin I will be dropping a few more bits of info.


Nathaniel Moore said...

I see you like to geek out on pre race prep, as do I. Heres one thing I like to check out pre race (well runs going into the night) as well, thought you might be able to appreciate it,

Alejandro Mares said...

thank you, appreciate the heads up