Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Review - Highlights

1. Raquel Mares, born 8/12/12, weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz.
My niece was born.  The kid cries and I think its the cutest thing ever.  She does not shriek like the boys did when they were babies; just won me over the moment I laid eyes on her.

2. Returning to Law School
With the help of friends, especially Sam, I got my priorities straight and worked hard to get back into the mix.  When I left law school it was amidst economic and personal crisis.  I was very lost; I felt and like an empty shell.  I was lucky enough to recognize true friendships who helped fill that empty shell with positivity and helped me re-discover the things I missed.  I am lucky that those crisis only ended up costing me money so no real permanent damage. I am forever thankful for that.
3. 2+ hour 50 Mile PR.  Rock'n River 50_11:37 & at American River 50_9:31
I had a great support system leading up to this race.  I was super excited that my training went well.  The night before I was still hoping for a 10:59:59 finish to qualify for the Western States 100.  I did not realize how well the day had gone until 5 miles before the end when my not-planned-4-pacer Chris was hooting and hollering that a sub 11 was in the bag. Report Link.   

4. Headlands 100 in 32:52:14, 9 minutes ahead of the final cut off.
This one hurt, Race Report.  My first 100 hurt, but this one was a different level.  It stung more because it was supposed to be a family affair.  Two family members were supposed to pace me through this one dropped out a few weeks before the race.  I had no pacers and no crew.  But, guy upstairs was looking out, I met Victor of Victory Sport Design, who hooked it up with drop bags and paced me from mile 50-75 through what was probably one of the coldest most painful nights of my life.  Then Roberto and Kristen drove from Davis to crew and pace; Lucille and Huan, who had helped a friend move up north joined as well.  I ended up having more than enough crew and pacers…and was able to just squeak in 9 minutes to spare.  

5. Have faith, God has a plan.  
I have given an honest effort to become the best person I think I can be.  I smile now instead of smirking.  I have a great relationship with my family.  I have not been able to say it for over a decade...but I am really happy with where my life is.  I have met a plethora different people from all walks of life that just like me want to be better, and leave this planet a little nicer than they found it.  So I will keep working hard and hope that what I do motivates others to pay it forward.

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