Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nanny Goat 100 Pre Race Thoughts

My average training week has been 32 miles.  Generally it would not be a bad idea to even attempt a 100 miler with that low of volume.  The course is a 2 mile loop that each competitor will go around 50 times, yes you read that right; le hamster wheel.  Why?

For me this race represents a mental challenge.  I have completed a few 100 mile runs and recognize that  physically I am not in shape to compete for time; law school has made that impossible this year.  But I do have an insatiable desire to test my metal.  This run in particular lends itself to this test since I will neither have a crew nor pacers; the two things that have saved me time and time again during ultra marathons.   My thoughts and the prayers of those who know me versus the distance.

I will have some Victory Design Drop Bags, Tailwind Nutrition and hopefully a few votive candles from my mom shinning in my direction.  

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