Monday, June 17, 2013

Resetting and Cast Iron Skillets

The many months of pushing during training are finally showing up.  My mileage mildly reflects the increase in stress and my body certainly feels it.  This year, the training has taken a different toll than seasons past.  It is an emotional toll this time around.  My nutrition was off in November, legs a little shaky in March, and now that we are in June my body is taking its time to reset for the push in September.  Last year I would have said, HELL NO, and forced myself to get out there and log the miles I "should" be logging.  But, now being at peace with rest and healing for the trials ahead is more important.

For years my line was "I will get plenty of rest in the grave."  Now, with a little bit of distance and maturity I realize rest is not only physical but emotional.  There are aspects of life that provide the emotional balance we all need to be healthy and happy.  As I sorted out what makes me happy those situations were modified until the best blend arose.  Sometimes that means letting go of people and places I thought would be there forever and accepting closing one door really does open another.

I have accepted my training as it is and liken it to a cast iron skillet.  There is something special about seasoning cast iron.  The combination of time and experience provide a flavor that is uniquely yours and irreproducible.  Like training we make it our own and as we sort out those things that make us happy we learn that its not just one thing or another, but a combination of them.  Family, friends, challenges, successes, defeats, and failures all combine to season our life and make us better people.  As I learn to appreciate the "rest" seasoning I appreciate the "going" so much more.  

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