Thursday, September 12, 2013

Headlands 100 - Game Plan

Ideal Splits
Loop 1 - 6 hours
Loop 2 - 6.5 hours
Loop 3 - 8 Hours
Loop 4 - 7.5 hours
Total Time: 28 hours

Short and Easy
My game plan is going to be to consume 200-250 calories per hour.  My primary nutrition source will be Tailwind Nutrition (berry) and assorted aid station food to get some texture.  Since Muir Beach has no crew access I will be leaving myself a drop bag with Tailwind there, or if thats unavailable it will be Tennessee Valley Aid Station.

Decided not to use the Salomon shorts for this run.  They worked well for Run De Vous 100km, but that test was on paved road and not trail.   Now sure how they will react to the dramatic change in temperature and significantly more dirt.  Rather than risk unfortunate chaffing situations I'll stick with the North Face - "Better than Naked" shorts that have worked for me for a few years.  Shoes will be Altra Lone Peak and/or New Balance MT110.  I have put in a lot of miles with both, but I prefer extra grip on steep descents and for my stride the NB feels better, but the trade off will be my feet getting beat to shreds. 

Tops I will be using Ink N Burn Tech Tee's and Patagonia Silk weight tech tees.  Headwear, probably will go with the buff visor the whole way through.  I race with sunglasses and the buff allows me to see better since the visor can be put up or down which is not an option with traditional visors or hats.  I will be using handhelds for this race and during the heat of the day it will be Nathan's new insulated handhelds and all other times my Ultimate Direction Bottles.  

Scared as hell, but excited to see this beautiful course again.   Things have come together...pacer, crew, etc... (link) and hopefully I will have an interesting tale to tell come next week.

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