Sunday, July 6, 2008

7/6/08 - 4th of July Weekend

It's been a good last few weeks, I have been working on my golf shot which is steadily looking like more of a fade than a straight slice. I still have a lot to go and I am thinking about getting lessons at some time in the future. I have also been running and riding my bike more often. It feels good but I got pretty angry at the gears in my road bike. They just would not do what I wanted them to do when I wanted them to do it. Rather angering but besides that its been a few good runs. I think that I just lack the challenge of another rider. When you ride by yourself you achieve personal goals but riding in a group offers the added advantage not only to better yourself but also to realize what techniques and other strategies more seasoned riders do. But anyhow thats the status right now...also the LSAT reading is wearing me out. but it have to crank it out. I do not think I will purchase anymore books from now until October. I really need to buckle down and take charge of that. Its not fun and i rather hate it but review will serve me best in the end.

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