Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6/04/08 - Day Ride

I went riding today, it felt great. I had actually tried picking up running ,but man does that suck. Honestly. Running around in different directions with the sun beating on your skin and your eyes praying for a freak rainstorm to cool you down, thats a whole different type of person who likes that gig. Nope, I am more of a bike rider for sure. I can push it as fast as I want and cruise if I need too. I was racing down Vista Hermosa towards Pico. That was fast, I hit about 40-45 mph. I usually do not try and go for speed but i think that it just sort of happened this time. It was one of those times when if you don;t go fast a car will knock you out, but if you go too fast and can't control it you can call it a day, or a life. It was fun. On the rider back I took it easy, I rode down Pico to hit the coast and then just pilled through the miles. I think I hit that runners drug or whatever they call it. Its that point when you are tired and everything feels its about to break or just refuse to keep going , but all of a sudden you have a surge from somewhere deep in your soul that just pushes you that much harder. I swallowed up two riders and a guy with one of those running strollers. Okay i admit it the guy with the stroller pushing his kids was not the hardest thing to overtake but come on I was finishing a long ride with some semi-respectable hills. It was probably not very nice of me to cut him off as close as I did but like I said I was in the zone, its not my fault. its that inner drug deal :) Anyways... I am going to reward my awesome effort (believe me it is with my being out of shape) with a relaxing glass of h2o and a soccer game. Mexico versus Argentina in soccer. Its going to be exciting, of course I would say that because I like soccer. Also I am currently reading "Tragic Sense of Life" by Miguel de Unamuno. I know the title is depressing as heck and most would not look at that book twice, but I am an Unamuno fan. Its actually more concerning the inner struggle to reconcile logical answers with the heart and man's innate passions. Its quite interesting. I will write about it, and my observations of course next time. But for now...thats a wrap.

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