Tuesday, December 1, 2009

train of thought

I have been both blessed and cursed to hear the most ridiculous arguments. I have listened to great speakers and terrible ones alike. However, today I heard the worse argument ever. Apparently a long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a person. This person did something stupid; almost unforgivable. A considerable time after the act they felt terrible about it and confessed. The individual showing remorse and feeling terrible for the atrocity committed admits to it.

They stand up and own up to what they did and accept any and all consequences of their actions. Sometime later, the individual is confronted by the victim of the atrocity. The victim, who was not directly involved in said act, states that the atrocity never happened; it was apparently simply imagined. So the individual who owned up to his sin, now has to prove that the evil did happen, thus reliving that which they have tried so hard to move past.

!!! Or, do they simply agree with this new fountain of information and buy into the “imagined evil.” !!!

It would be so easy to buy into it. The argument is clear, the victim was not there, there is new evidence and apparently the culpable individual can argue that they did it under duress. That they felt they had to lie about committing such a crime. We can call the situation whatever. The wheels of the imagination start turning, spinning if you will; a clever media spin to make a story less or more culpable depending on what the audience expects to hear. The crowd grows silent. The voices of spin and deceit grow silent and quiet and all that remains is truth.

The individual reaffirms his guilt, because honestly at this point is the best. The spinning of more lies though easier would be the real atrocity. It would negate any benefit and learning that either the victim or the individual could learn. The lies upon lies are something the individual is no longer interested in. The property tax on lies is too high and not worth it, because the tax is paid in sleep; for sleepless nights awaiting the liar who excuses his sin by piling on more sins to cover the first.

The mind begins to settle, the words begin to pour, truth yet flows. Regardless of what anyone says a sin was committed and as the saying goes, the truth will set you free. The world is at peace, the world is beautiful, because for every sin there is redemption, for every sin there is forgiveness, for every sin there is salvation.

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