Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Injury Update #2 - Sunday Golf

So I am forcing myself to update even though I really would rather not because the prognosis is not very good. Coach Jeff has a 5k Fartlek run on the schedule for me and I am really praying I can roll out there relatively pain free and handle it. I am still not 100% and that really annoys me. I did not value pain free movement until my movement was not pain free. I would blissfully stroll along year by year making the perennial resolution to “get fit” or “be healthy” this year knowing that would last all of first two weeks in January. Usually the resolution is steadfast until the first paycheck in and immediately after happy hour is forgotten until the next December. 2011, started strong, built an aerobic base and was feeling healthy and bam injury. But in perspective I guess it is not that bad. A few weeks ago when I was running strong I was stupidly running in the rain and ill prepared on trails so I guess I was due for a set-back, I will try and be smarter next cycle so the setbacks are shorter and less irritating. I have noticed that even though I am sick my energy level is much higher than normal. I think that is due to the fact I am eating a lot better, getting sleep and the occasional nap instead of going 5 am - 10pm 4 days a week living on coffee (which I have given up for 40 days).

Saturday night I had a dream…I hit a loud cracking iron shot that bore through the salty so cal air and landed softly on a firm fast green so close to the flag I tempted gravity not to pull the ball in. With that dream and a set of clubs I played 18 holes on Sunday. My dream did not come true. I hit so many trees that it became a joke. It was to the point that I even landed behind a freshly planted tree on the 18th hole only to punch out…and hit another tree then get a kick onto the 17th fairway…yea a longish day. But I did hit some good shots; putts were terrible because I forgot to account for the ocean pull; but overall I was pleased that I got out there and tried living the dream.

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