Friday, March 11, 2011

Running Status Update

Still not running because of the leg injury and now I caught whatever my 2 yr old nephew had. I have been out of it almost 2 weeks. Two nights ago I tried running to see how I felt. My form was terrible in the first hundred yards I could feel my right knee making up for the weakness in the left. When I adjusted my form to even it out my lower left leg could not take the pounding of the concrete. Total run: 0.3 miles. I am going to try KT Tape at the suggestion of Coach Jeff. Who knows I may have to bag the LA marathon and that will really suck. Not going to lie. I am afraid of it now.

More than anything I am afraid of myself. I know how stupid I get when I go tunnel vision for a goal. Those occasions have usually wrecked my health and caused me issues. So I am going to be patient and take Coach Jeff’s advice. I will line up at the LA marathon and see if I can do a run-walk type deal, if not I will bag it quick to make sure I do not do further damage.

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