Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bishop High Sierra Race Prep - General Prep

Map Courtesy of www.bhs50.com

Elevation Map with Aid Stations
 This post is the first of a series that will be submitting as i get closer to the Bishop High Sierra 50.  Its my second ultra attempt and I am being over zealous with the prep this time becuase I definitelty do not want another DNF or a bad race, i.e. not finishing.  So here are some general thoughts thus far.  All images are from www.bhs50.com and links from that site.  thank you to the Race Director for providing race reports and by all accounts a great race.  i will be posting additional pictures and estimated links in future posts but here is the gist of it.
*I emailed the RD because the cut off times do not seem clear on the chart that I pulled from the website.  But I know that cut offs were lengthened but the website does not seem to have updated them.  RD informed that 7 pm is Cut for Buttermilk Rd #2.  So replied asking all cut off times but the email has not been returned yet I assume the RD is in crazy race prep mode organizing a great event.  From all the reviews many people relied solely on aid stations for nutrition and stated they were well stocked and it was an amazing experience.

My Plan for the BHS50 is to finish the first 20 miles in 6 hours.  This will place me in at the highest point and it will be generally downhill from there.  For the downhill portion I will most likely change socks before decent, but I trust that the gaiters will do their job, if they do it should be all good from there assuming no disasters.  I will also be using KT Tape for me left lower leg area.  It is still tender sometimes and I want to make sure to take any precaution I can.  I also think that the gaiters will help it stay in place regardless of how sandy the trail is. 

Nutrition (current plan - subject to review by Coaches Jeff and Diane of PRS Fit.)

First Half (start - overlook)
Water approx 20 - 35 oz per hour (pack)
2 Endurolyte pills per hour
2 Gel Per Hour (30 min)

Second Half (overlook to end)
Water approx 20 - 35 oz per hour (pack)
1 Endurolyte pills per hour
1 Gel Per Hour (30 min)

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