Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Back On Track

Well I guess the title is a misnomer. I am getting back on the trail. The last couple months I have dealt with injury and other life issues. I really need to get back and just get outside in the sun. I was disappointed over the DNF at the American River 50, but I did learn a lot of lessons and good info about how my body reacts and those were definitely good lessons to learn.

I had a chance to talk to Coach Jeff from PRS Fit and I will crank out preliminary nutrition plan for the Bishop High Sierra 50. He will review it and hopefully by the time the BHS50 comes nutrition will be the least of the problems. I am going to error on the side of over-prep rather than winging it. I feel confident that with some good weather and a positive attitude I will be able to finish without issues within the cut off times. The whole without issues may be a problem.

In classic style I could not manage to get the Friday before the race off. There is a slight possibility of leaving early but nothing is certain. So, that means a 4-6 hour drive depending on traffic, after a long work day so I can get up and run 50 miles in altitude the next day. With planning it will be smooth. I need to remember to update the maps on my GPS…I am definitely not trying to get lost that far away from home.

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