Monday, November 14, 2011

100 Miler Plans - Reflections

So I have been working on some planning for Ultras lately. The plan for 2012 is to try and knock out a 100 miler. I am not certain if its going to be possible but there is really no way of finding out other than giving it a good try. In the last couple of months 

I have noticed that my running has really tended to define me in a lot of ways, similarly to how philosophy did a few years back. I am okay with being known as "the runner" or the "weirdo with the headlamp" but I miss being known for the other things I am into like music, philosophy, golf, reading, cars, history, astronomy, etc. I am a nerd so I am interested in most subjects to be quite honest. I don't blame anyone for seeing me as a runner because over the last year and half that really has been a big part of my life; some roll with retail therapy I roll with a little suffering with a hint of endorphins, hold the shin splints.
But regardless of what someone does or is known as... we all run.  We all run away or towards something, whether it be a goal we want to achieve or a memory we want to forget.  I have felt a lot better doing it out in the open.  Running has become like therapy for me and many times I will be on a long run and get really sad or really happy. I have even teared up remembering those people who are no longer here, who can no longer see the awesome landscapes I so often take for granted. We are all just have to decide if you are running because you want to, or because you think you have to.

100 Milers. Well I signed up for one in February 18-19 of this year (accidentally, I thought it was for 2013). I am really torn on this one because there are a few facts:

(1) I will probably not be strong enough to finish 100 well.
(2) My running coach, Jeff, thinks that doing the 50 miler would be the smarter choice than 100
(3) It is the only 100 miler that my parents can realistically go too, ever. (urban setting - 25 min away from home)
(4) I have lost some weight so that big finishers buckle would help out with the pantalones (just sayin)

Most likely I will drop down to the 50 mile distance. Being honest, there is still that little part of me that wants to give the 100 miles a good go. I know its too soon and running 24-32 hours is an ambitious goal.  The plan is for a July 100 miler, but I am scared. In the next few months my life may completely relocate and I really want to share the experience with my family. I want them to see why I do these things, why I think it has made me a more positive person, and hopefully infect them with the fitness virus. I want them to all live 100 years, maybe running 100 miles is just my way of telling them I love them and that anything is possible with a little patience, a little luck and a lot of heart.

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