Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rocky Road Endurance Run 100 - Pre-Race Prep

First of all let me start by saying I signed up for this race in error. It is local and I am on the email list. So when I saw it open for registration I jumped on it right away. This was approximately October. Having just PR’d at the 50 mile distance I was feeling pretty awesome. We were in 2011 and race “next year” did not register in my brain the right way I thought it would be 2013, not 2012. But, regardless I am going to give it a go and see how long I can hold on.

I know that my training is not optimal nor the quality that it should be to “race” this event. I am not sandbagging or fishing it is just the truth. I think this mis-fortune sets me up perfectly for having to run a smart (not my forte). I simply cannot afford to be stupid about this one or I am going to be in a world of hurt. There will be approximately 11 hours of sunlight then it will be 13 hours of darkness.

The course is a loop course with aid stations every 2.5 miles. The course will do a 7.5 out/back (6x) then a 5 out/back to complete the 100 miles. The only cut off is that runners have to start the final 10 mile loop by noon on Sunday. Because there are no hard cut-off stations I do not have to plan around those and instead get out of my own way and stay smart. Run through the night is going to be the goal and make sure the day sets me up to do just that.

Feb 18 - Sunrise 6:32 am - Sunset 5:37 pm
Feb 19 - Sunrise 6:31 am

Best Case (Final Numbers)
1 – (15) 3.25 hours / 13 min Pace  
2 – (30) 3.25 hours / 13 min Pace – 6.5 hours
3 – (45) 3.75 hours / 15 min Pace – 10.25 hours
4 – (60) 4.25 hours / 15 min Pace – 14.5 Hours
5 – (75) 4.25 hours / 15 min Pace – 18.75 hours
6 – (90) 5 hours / 19.5 min pace – 23.75 hours
7 – (100) 2.5 hours / 15 min pace – 26.25 - 27 hours

Nutrition will be the same as training. Hammer Gels, Hammer Perpetuem Solids. Endrolytes in the morning and in the heat salt stick every hour.

My actual plan is going to be a calculated plan based on measurable effort. I know everyone plans on going out slow and then staying strong but we all know what adrenaline and racing with the pack does. Also I have fallen a few times to running other peoples race pace rather than my own. Thus the idea, courtesy of the UltraRunnerPodcast (Lee McKinley Interview), is running the first 30-40 miles within a heart rate zone.  My avg heart rate is 143 bpm over the last 30 days for all runs. So knowing that “perceived effort” is just too shadowy a measuring stick I am going to stick under 140 bpm. This will assure an even effort regardless of terrain.

1 – 3 (1-45 miles) HR under 140 bpm regardless of pace.
3 – end (45-100) go hard at night, avoid vomiting, turn on the iPod loud, smile a lot. (just sayin)

The lower bpm should help avoid GI issues and allow me to digest fuel and liquids in the first half thus not going into a bonk or be too broken down for the night section. Also, I am having a few local friends, Chris and Al, come out and night and hit the trails with me which I think will help…hopefully a few more people can come and we can make it a crew. Also I am going to discuss all this with Coach Jeff from since he knows his stuff, knows my training and will pretty much be the green light or help me work up a new plan.

For Sure Gear:
Bib: # 88 (ps 8 is my favorite number…queue the twilight zone)
Shoes: Altra Lone Pine (Saucony Peregrine/Altra Instinct – back ups)
Patagonia Long Hauler Shorts / NF Better than Naked Shorts
Moeben Sleeves (warmers) / Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeves
Ultimate Direction Water Bottle
Ultimate Direction UNO Waist Pack
Salomon XT Wings 10+3 Vest (review coming soon) if raining
Oakley Radar Glasses
Gloves (few pairs – pacers may need some)
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp 2x (waist and head)
Headsweats Visor
Buff 2x (night running and as bandana during heat of day)

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