Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tagged - Revealing Blog Time

So I got tagged by Stuart from the Quadrathon blog so I figured what the hell, a little non-running personal stuff blog post is in order and what a fun way of sharing. So here are the rules.

  1. Post these rules.
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
  6. No stuff in the tagging section about “you are tagged if you are reading this”. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.
11 Random Things About Me:
  1. I went to an all guy boarding school for my first three years of High School with the intention of being a priest.
  2. I always look for security cameras and exit doors. You just never know when you are going to have to make a mad dash.
  3. I find it relaxing to play chess against myself when studying or writing. It exercises my honestly muscles…there is no point in cheating and there will always be an AHH Ha moment.
  4. My first sports related purchase was a BMX bike..DYNO VFR Black with Flames on it (yeah I was a badass). I mowed lawns, pulled weeds and learned to trim trees for that sucker.
  5. I strongly dislike telephone calls and have been known to play HALO or FIFA during them. Sorry longer than 5 min and my mind is gone.
  6. I have a gnarly caffeine tolerance. Yesterday, 8 am I had a 7 shot Americano and took a 20 min power nap at lunch.
  7. I love learning and discussing random subjects from philosophy to running shoes with anyone. Even as a kid I would talk religion for hours with Jehovah’s Witnesses, they knew not to knock on my door or we would be there for hours.
  8. I wet shave like an old man. I love my safety razor (think 1 blade old school), mix my own shaving cream in a cup, and use Pinaud Clubman or Old Spice Aftershave (current rotation). Since wet shaving I have the closest shave, smoothest skin and I smell like a barbershop. I cannot imagine ever going back to mach anything….and over time it’s cheaper than dropping 30 bucks for a 4pack of blades that are done in a month.
  9. I park far away from wherever I am going. (1) I don’t like my cars being door-ed (2) If I need to make a getaway I don’t like whoever I am getting away from to know what they are chasing. (I know it’s weird ma bad)
  10. When I am with a lady friend I open doors and I walk on the street side of the street. Its old fashioned but whatever, just something I do.
  11. I tell every girl I have dated that I can’t dance; it’s a lie. Mea culpa.
And now to answer Stuart’s questions:
  1. Finish this sentence; “Revenge is a dish best served…” elsewhere. I am no longer a big fan of it; I don’t lease limited head space for free.
  2. If you could invite anyone who would you invite to dinner, (alive or dead) and why? –deceased cousin Jesus, there was a conversation I should have had with him that I never did and that bothers me to this day.
  3. If you could run a race anywhere in the world, which one would it be? UTMB – Chamonix, France. 100 miles around Mont Blanc, perfection.
  4. Sum up the bare foot, minimal running, normal shoes argument in a sentence! The shoe industry invented your problem, lack of shoe industry will fix it.
  5. Early morning, middle of the day, in the evening? When is the best time? (run) When I can, middle of the day, most alert least likelihood of getting run over and good heat training.
  6. Do you really read all those magazines you subscribe to, please be honest? Yup, UltraRunning, Trail Runner, Backpacker, Golf, Golf Digest, The New Yorker
  7. What’s your favorite race distance? Right now… 50 Miles. It tests you and you feel like a total badass at the end.
  8. What does your family/friends think about your running etc – Family think I am off the reservation, but they see me smile and that’s what they care about. Friends think I am nutz till we run together and they see that during training I am pretty mellow and I just like sharing my exp. with them so they don’t make the same mistakes.
  9. In the style of “Jeopardy” please answer this question “yes, at least twice a day, Alex” that one is a secret
  10. We all have our “Achilles heel” mine is my ITB, what’s yours? Right hip/ hip flexor…road running throws me off and I got to get sorted out before big efforts
  11. Stretching; do you…should you? –not at the start, I warm up for a few miles then stretch. No sense is stretching cold muscles.
1.    Favorite post-race meal?
2.    One piece of non-essential equipment that is a must (can’t be shoes, clothing or garmin)
3.    Favorite Endurance Athlete and why?
4.    What would be your goal or ideal race (anywhere in the world)?
5.    Why did you start being an athlete?
6.    What is the one thing you will always lie about? (white lies no confessions please)
7.    Greatest athletic achievement?
8.    Guilty Pleasure… (clean…. Ex: TV show, a gossip mag, etc.)
9.    Facebook or DailyMile for fitness updates?
10. Giants or Patriots?
11. Favorite running quote or running mantra and why?

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