Saturday, March 14, 2015

Closing the Philosopher Runner Blog

  I have been fortunate to host this blog for a few years now.  Before this space I wrote on Xanga and before that one was GeoCities.  Each time I changed blogs it was a turning point in my life that closed one chapter in the hope of writing a better one.  I have met a lot of wonderful people through this blog and now its time to turn onto the next chapter: longevity.
  When I began this voyage I hated running.  I ran because my goal was to complete a full ironman and there were too many reports about sharks in the waters off of San Clemente; so instead of a wetsuit I picked up a pair of shoes.  I ran to escape the demons that plagued me for 8 long years that did not allow my life to move forward.  I ran because I was angry at me for being me.
  So I pushed through the garbage inside and found a beautiful running community.  There are so many wonderful stories out there I simply never heard because I was focused on my issues and my goals to notice.  Some of those people are still in my life and others have drifted towards their own happy place.  I gained a love for the suffering that comes along with distance running completing marathons, 50 milers and even a few 100 mile races.  
  But, the place I deposited my emotion became the goal in itself.  I was left with no place to escape.  The last few months I've been sidelined with a tendonitis issue that I cannot shake.  I have gotten out of shape and miss the smell of the morning on the trail.  No races, no starting line, just the smell of sunlight over the hills.  So, starting a new chapter to chronicle reaching a few running goals I have left n the list.  I won't reveal all of them but one of them does involve running through Death Valley at some point.  More than any goal  I just want to run happy again and feel the strength of my own smile.  
  So this blog that was so fueled by anger and rage will close.  I will focus on a different project @ where I hope to keep things simple and start again with a little more experience and hopefully a little more love.