Monday, March 2, 2015

The Treadmill

  I have a healthy relationship with fitness but an unhealthy relationship with gyms.  It really baffles me why I simply can't get over it and learn to love the idea of needing to pay a company to motivate me to move, but like all takes time to see the silver lining.
  I have been sidelined with an injury since Oct 2014 and it has been a steady increase in weight and frustration at my inability to get moving.  The old achilles tendonitis was simply the effect of too many hills and not enough sleep.  But, I am getting married in August so I need to hit the ground running again...enter the gym.
  I joined 24 hour fitness so I could use their pool.  Its a 25 yard lap pool and since my avg visiting time to the gym is 11:30 pm its generally free of people and I can just go in there and do my thing which at this point feel like a lot of catching my breath and resisting the desire to purchase floaties.  Swimming is way harder than I thought and it finishes with me being nice and tired and able to get 8-9 hours of sleep.
  I am thus learning to like the gym a little more now.  I am not as angry when I drive there and I view it as a part of my fitness rather than all of it.  Thinking about the room full of sweaty people as a meaningful part to reaching my goal of getting back to the trails has softened heart towards it.  Who knows I may end up liking this place.