Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yesterday I went riding and i got to the riders drug. No i was not doping. It felt great i got to a point that most people know as "runners drug." Your body releases endorphins i think that make you feel awesome. You feel no pain and you feel that you can easily ride for miles. I finished the ride after 2.5 hours. I got home felt great. I took the long way. I rode down the coast from one end of San Clemente to the other. Then i took the hills to whip around the town. I was a nice ride. I did not keep track of the miles because it would have mentally put me out of the game. It was good...i actually tagged along another guy names David who showed me a single track route right in San Clemente off of Cristianitos. it was really fun. I think with more practice my skills can get up to par and i can fly through that thing. But i actually fell into some weeds. it hurt but i was a nice reminder to be careful and to be smart about my riding. Today i started the LSAT classes. They suck and i am so thankful that i never started them when i was still in school. First off knowing myself I would not have appreciated them and never studied. Secondly my test would have been more of an obligation than a desire. Anyways they are hard and i will be blogging on them more often. Also i will be video blogging soon. when that happens i will share that site...for now its just in the planning phase.

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