Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thoughts on Moving

In the last week I have been going crazy trying to sort my life out. I am trying to find a place to move to that will offer career opportunities as well as provide a family friendly environment. my surprise I am now under a deadline. The reason for the deadline I will not discuss hear, what I will go into a little bit is deadlines in general.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I a stickler for time. If its going to happen let me know when. I am not all about what but more the when, I think I have a crazy time obsession. Anyways. Deadlines are great in a work environment because they assure that business will continue to grow and that existing business will still generate more revenues. If I sell you something then simply not deliver it or not come through with the request I will be a POS (pardon my french) and will lose clients left and right. However, I think that a life decision such as moving should be something that requires a whole lot more care and attention to detail because it is not only going to be a physical relocation but also a mental one.

Anyone who in my case to another state is going to be faced with a lot of challenges. The primary challenges being a roof to sleep under and a job to pay the bills. Obviously you are not simply going to move just like that and leave whatever good things you already have. For example lets look at two things, the company and health insurance. No joke after watching Michael Moore's new documentary "Sicko" I am appalled at the level or lack there of in regards to health insurance. So if one plans to continue living in America some kind of coverage is needed. So whatever company you are with has to have some kind of health benefit to it, because paying for insurance out of pocket would be ludicrous not to mention impossible. So that's a worry, or at least something to think about. The next worry is a roof to sleep under.

Yeah you may think that just any old place will do, but will it. Do you want to move to the middle of now where and I do not want to move to a crime infested neighborhood either. So research about the area itself has to be done to determine whether the move is something feasible or not. Aside from this you have to chg your address, your accounts, etc, etc. In a month? highly unlikely if the move is to be a good one. If you want something done mediocre then a month is more than enough time. just things to think about

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