Saturday, August 18, 2007

Been a While

Its been a minute since i have written anything. In the last few weeks i have learned a lot of humility. Not because i got my ass kicked or anything, which is what i know a few people out there would love. but i was taught humility by a test called the LSAT. Its a tough cookie to crack and I have gained a whole lot of respect for those who perform well on it. Anyways
I went to Mexico this month. I was on vacation in Michoacan, Mexico from the 14Th to the 22ND. It was great. I got to see a lot of the places that I had mentioned in my philosophy paper of Senior year. It was very refreshing to know history of the place before i actually saw it. i took some pictures which are available on my website. I visited Morelia, Patzcuaro, Janitzio and a few other places. I think that I enjoyed this vacation so much because I totally felt like a tourist. I went to many of the places that i had read about and it was exciting to see history in everyday life. There was history everywhere. At one point while walking in the center square of Morelia our attention was drawn to a marble square that seemed out of place. This marble square marked the spot where a revolutionary hero was shot by a firing squad. It was amazing to see that it was just there. Nothing separating anyone from it. It was a good time. I also very much enjoyed the food. I miss it already. I tried odd foods and normal ones as well, just to see a different interpretation of it.
Lately I have also been playing a lot of chess. I remember when I was younger, not that I am old or anything, I wanted to be a grandmaster. I loved chess so much it was crazy. Now as I reminisce about the things that I used to love I remember why I liked it so much. I think I always saw chess as the great equalizer. There are 32 pieces and 64 square, each opponent exactly the same. No one has an unfair advantage, no one can be blamed for mistakes except yourself. I just think that the game a sort of mystic to it. I don't know why. But I have been playing a lot of it lately.
So now you know, I am a nerd...what am I going to do. Also I am now going to become a grease monkey. yup thats right, I have a 62 VW that i am going to be working on so that will be a lot of fun I think

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