Friday, May 2, 2008

Political Correctness

It has become a standard for me to review things and comment on things long after they have happened. I like the fact of being able to see how things turned out. I like having the 20-20, rear-view, or hindsight if you will. I know most people would say that making a decision or a judgment call on the spot is what is needed in a hotly debated issue, or giving an opinion is somehow necessary. I however disagree. I recognize that there are things in the world that demand immediate attention; like when you run out of gas, are hungry, or have to use the “john.” But I hold that opinions are typically wrong when rushed and it is better to study and review a subject carefully before issuing an end all statement. I think that it is foolhardy to make a judgment call which can involve many different dimensions that cannot be accounted for in an instant. So, this having been said, I have noticed recently that people are very afraid of political incorrectness. Yet they are entertained and enthralled by politically incorrectness and even pay money to see it. We watch shows like Flavor of Love, or Rock of Love, the Tom Leykis radio show and other roasts and acts that are clearly not politically correct and often times crude. But why do we laugh and enjoy “politically incorrect” shows? Why do we not stand against these different forms of entertainment? The reason is because sometimes we are full of “it.” “It” being a desire to be entertained by what is supposed socially wrong. (note: you know you like my political correctness) I think it’s a joke. Admit the problem and if you don’t like political incorrectness don’t live in the land of the free where all speech is protected. I will concede that there is a place for everything and that some speech like “bomb” in a plane or screaming “fire” in a theatre is not appropriate. There are a lot of issues I bitterly oppose and will argue against, but the fact that there is someone arguing the other side without fearing for their life is refreshing and what it means to be an American. Just a thought.

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