Monday, January 10, 2011

Calico Trail Run 2012? - 1ST Day of class

It is unfortunate that I am not going to be running the Calico Trail Run this year.  I was very excited to take on this 30k trail race; it was going to be my longest race to date.  I know if I line up I am going to give it my all but will most likely hurt myself doing so.  I emailed the race director who was kind enough o roll my entry over to next year.  There is no sense going out there and injuring myself some more.  This morning I felt like old Biff from the Back to the future movies…hunched and hobbling around feeling pretty miserable.  The hip has not eased up much despite a few days of rest and not much activity last week.  I did a few fartlek runs and a hike on Saturday morning that went really well, I ran them much faster than I thought I could.  After the run my hip just was not having it.  It sucks, but this week coach planned indoor cycling sessions instead of running because I keep complaining about this hip thing.  Hopefully this week of lighter training will help it heal up and then I can keep increasing the mileage.  I am nervous about it because the LA marathon is coming up and then the American River 50, so we shall see how it pans out.

Today is the first day of the semester.  I am excited to get back into school.  My life without the stress seemed empty.  It sounds strange but the winter break was not that good to me.  I increased my mileage; I hung out with family and friends which were good.  However, good people left my life and questionable ones figured a way to enter it.  The circumstances of how these things happen still baffle me, but I am comfortable with my role because I have made the best decisions that could have been made with the information available, but it is still going to be an interesting 2011.  I have a sense that this year will have long lasting effects on me.  As if there is a new wave of circumstances and events that will force me to make critical life changing decisions, I don’t know why but I just get that sense.  I pray for a receptive ear to good advice.   

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