Thursday, January 6, 2011

Odd Tendancy Explained - Fartlek Run (mood change)

I am just going to say it.  I have been doing some things that seen individually seem odd for me.  For example…I get really excited about buying shoes, I am checking out a leather bag, and wear loud colors so people notice me.  Now, it would seem that I am would be changing my lifestyle in more than one way, but let me explain.  I buy running shoes and I like having options.  It is nice to decide how I want the ground to feel under my feet.  Sometimes you feel that the trail is going to be spongier or harder and you account for the difference.  I am looking at purchasing a leather bag.  Well its one of those purchases that will happen when I graduate from law school.  The bag I like (2 actually) are the backpack and the briefcase from saddleback leather co.  I like their products and I like the quality.  The loud clothes?  I am starting school in a week so hitting the road for a run at 10 or 11 at night is going to mean I have to look radioactive to hopefully avoid being tagged by shinny bumper. 

I am feeling better, my mood is changing and I sense that I am getting over whatever winter spell I was on the last few weeks.  I have a fartlek run today, 5k pace, 40 min with up ticks for 1-3 minutes intertwined in there.  I think it will be a good run, cold, but good.  I just want to get outside and feel the crisp air again.  I know these next few days are priceless, daylight running is going to be a weekend thing starting next week. 

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