Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running Chicago - AVON Walk

The AVON walk against Breast Cancer this weekend faced brutal humid heat and even rain.  First of all, the AVON walk is a wonderful event that raised a lot of funds for breast cancer awareness and research.  Walkers were treated to a marathon on Saturday and a half-marathon on Sunday.  Nope, I did not envy them at all.  The conditions were unlike anything I had ever been in…walking outside felt as if I was wearing a parka in a sauna.  I am amazed at the amount of support the walkers received from everyone including bystanders.  The Chicago population was very supportive of the walkers and I think the organizers did a great job in putting on the event.  There were a lot of blisters, sore legs, and water was flowing…but everyone was having a great time cruising around town brining attention to the fight against cancer.  What was my part in this? I was a human shopping cart, cheerer extraordinaire and general well wisher.  Admittedly, I did not do the best job but for a first time crew person but I gave it my best shot.  Hopefully next time I am able to help out some more.  On with the jogging talk.

I was able to get some running in because I was following the AVON route and I was able to meet up with Ray from the Geeks in Running Shoes Podcast on Sunday.  Chicago is a very cool place to run.  I expected to dislike running in the city because I am more of a trail nerd, but the impressive architecture and generally nice people won me over.  I snapped a lot of pictures of buildings and even got a chance to run along Lake Michigan (which is huge).  I ran with Ray for 1.5 hours roughly and I am still incredulous that it snows there because of the gnarly heat wave.  I ran with my new pack the Nathan #28.  It’s a pack designed to carry stuff and to be used with handhelds instead of a hydration bladder.  This design worked well in Chicago because I could re-fill at water fountains along the lake and it saved on weight.  Talked with Ray for a long time about running and the running community definitely would like to go back to Chicago sometime, maybe a marathon or the Mojo Loco Chicago but who knows…for now its San Francisco prep, which reminds me..i should work out the details about staying up there sooner rather than later.


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