Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Training Update - Next Race SF Marathon

This weekend I was pretty bad in regards to training and diet. It was Memorial Day weekend so the mental calorie intake regulator (i.e. brain) took the weekend off. I am feeling a bit on the sluggish side but happy. A calm and restful weekend to kick start training for the SF marathon was just what the doctor ordered. S. and I also had a chance to take my nephews (4 and 2) to the park. It was really fun to see them run wild and then after some eye rubbing knock out for the night.

The marathon itself is 9 weeks away and I am hoping to shave some time off of my current marathon PR, which is a touch under 5 hours. The original intention with the marathon was to go sub- 4 hours. I have come to a place in my running where the marathon time is not as important to me as the experience. Sidenote: this week on 3 Non Joggers (podcast) I finally listened to the piece on the Western States 100. It made me tear up because I understand where Russ is coming from. When asked why anyone would run an ultra marathon there really is no answer. Unless you have given it a shot and been out there at the aid stations it is hard to imagine; friendly and personal yet lonely and alien all at the same time. More specifically why I do… I have no clear cut reason. I do it for the community, the feeling for being close to the edge, pushing the limits of my endurance, dropped on my head as a child…no se…anyway I digressed.

I only have one official marathon time and trying to run the distance better will be good for me to build up some speed for the buildup for the Rockin’ River in October.  Everyone who I have spoken to says that it is a very scenic course that offers amazing views of SF. The caution for everyone is that the course is very “hilly”. I am not going to take that survey lightly. When I read Bishop Race reports I thought “sandy” trails were nothing to worry about and I was dead wrong. So I will learn my lessons and hopefully put in a good albeit short training cycle.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: you're a few weeks early with you're older nephew. He's still 3... :)