Friday, June 10, 2011

Running / Walking Form Chat

When I nerd out and talk “running form” and “minimalism” it tends to be with other runners, i.e. preaching to the choir.  Last night I spent a little over 2 hours chatting with my dad about running form.  He has recently started walking in the afternoons and we stumbled upon the topic when I told him there were runners who cut the heels of their shoes off to make them as flat as possible.  We talked about Kilian Jornet’s Quests particularly how he seemingly flies downhill, Anton Krupicka’s running form that looks like he is cruising (in reality he is crazy fast) and David Goggins who is a Badwater Ultramarathon winner.  What do all of them have in common?  They land with a bent knee and their muscles not their knees take the impact all the while being efficient so there is no wasted movement.  The coolest part of our conversation is that he noticed they were not stuck up people.  They all seemed to be pretty down to earth guys that just put in the work.  We discussed how an ultra marathon will humble anyone no matter how much of a stud they think they are.  It was nice to share with my dad about things I am passionate about and that he was able to get into it a little.

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