Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am getting excited about golf again.  Tiger Woods has announced his return will be the Masters. I do not agree with the issues that have come to light from his personal life; I think every fan’s perspective changed.  I understand that they are public figures and in many ways we hold them to a different standard that we hold ourselves, because they are in the limelight most of the time.  Why do have a different set of morals for public figures that is contingent upon what purpose they serve?   I feel that as a society we seek to present the best we have to offer to ourselves, and in that way seek inspiration from these great person’s achievements.  What keeps us from going after our own goals and aspirations? 
What is the greater evil… knowing that you can achieve more and not doing it…or settling into your comfortable life and convincing yourself you really cannot achieve more i.e. that you have done enough?  I think that both extremes are bad.  If you simply seek to achieve all the time, you are condemning yourself to “keep happiness hostage” (I read that somewhere can’t remember, it was a law blog; but I do not want to plagiarize).  Your happiness will depend on the next goal that you set out to accomplish, once accomplished you will be done; happiness will not be in the object but the journey.  Similarly if you only focus on the object and miss the journey you then become stale.  Your life reaches its apex before it has even begun.  You simply seek “happiness” or “to be loved” “success” or any of the other cliché things that people say with no substance behind it.  It bothers me so much when someone asks - what do you want from life?  And the answer is, to be happy, or to be -blank- …it makes me frustrated.  I feel that answer leans too much to the complacent mediocre side.  People who give that answer apparently have everything else squared away and just need one element to be complete as people.  It is so underachiever status.  I want to throw cold water on them and tell them to wake up.  That life is about more than just one element.  Yet, I am equally frustrated when people answer, “well, I have never really thought about it.”  That leans too much to the living the journey without enjoying what you have when you have it; it is very “living the dream status.”  I also want to throw cold water at them (in a non-tortuous way so I don’t get sued).  Because they are missing out on all the good they have done.  They do not take a breather to enjoy their achievements and really understand how they are helping.  Sad thing is I am both of these people.  Fortunately for me at least I vary among both, there are those who stay on one side never recognizing the greatness of another perspective.
School is going well.  The briefs that we had to submit for laws are turned in.  I am so excited about that fact because that paper was stressing me out.  I do like that our teacher has been so helpful to us.  I really feel like she cares that we become better legal writers.  The first semester of our legal writing course the class had a different style of teacher, to put it lightly.  Our current professor is great, she really does want us to succeed and you can feel that in the room, it’s a good feeling because Law school is a tad intimidating, not gonna lie.

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