Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last night I saw a few things that made me reflect on the reputation a lawyer is expected to have, or anyone for that matter.  I saw images reflecting a lack of self-esteem, self respect and unsteady gaze that I would shock the foundations of Rome herself.  In our professionalism class, we learn that your reputation is everything you have.  As an attorney you will be tested and your personal morality and sense of ethics, ideally, will not waiver.  However, what you do outside of law is just as important as what you do in the courtroom.  Would you trust a lawyer who the night prior to representing you posts images of drunken debauchery?  Likewise, would you want a mentor whose personal life is spread across the world?  If you would not want that for your key business contacts, then what do you want for yourself? Are you that person who displays their life so as to blur the private and the public?  Why?  I think that to a degree all of us have allowed the narcissist we carry to take over, but at what point is you’re displaying your life merely a reflection of what you are missing in it?  Many times those things we show and display to the world are actually are merely fishing lines seeking approval and ego inflation.  Are we so unhappy or in denial to the point that we have attempt to convince ourselves we are fine?  A friend of mine whose comments have always been illuminating stated that the reason some people always seem to have a chip on their shoulder and lead perennially average lives is because they never give themselves enough time.  If you notice that is every unaccomplished soul’s excuse, not enough time; probably because they were busy wasting it away when it mattered.  They simply move to the next thing and in moments of difficulty which will inevitably show up the pit that was only patched up opens and the fall after the fall is so much worse; they should have been patient and let it seal instead of patching.  Be wary there is a fine line between confidence and self adulation; where do you stand?  There is a line in Gladiator I always remember.  Maximus tells the emperor - the time for honoring yourself will come to an end.  Love that line.  There is another old saying; tell me what you have, and I will tell you what you are missing.  I think the key to answer that riddle comes from the Tao Te Ching which says “the superior virtue seems inactive, and yet there is nothing that it does not do.  The inferior virtue acts and yet in the end leaves things undone.”

I have not reviewed the health care bill yet; but I will definitely be commenting on it.  I do however want to write about the waves shocking the Catholic Church.  There are many misrepresentation of doctrine in the media for example the doctrine of infallibility being linked to church public statements.  The doctrine states the Church is infallible with regards to faith or morals; not public statements to the media.  I in no way condone, agree, or support any of the actions by the priests who molested the innocent.  I think they will have a very special escalator downwards on judgment day.  I have met people who have had traumas happen in their lives.  Those whom I have met have had to triumph over that burden that they should not have had in the first place.  If one thing sets me off, it’s that.  However, hindsight is 20-20.  I think that the public is taking the Catholic Church and really throwing it under the bus.  Of course the decisions they made 50 years ago may not have been the best.  But let’s look at other decisions; what about the Japanese Camps during WWII? What about the Bay of Pigs? Heck, if Benedict Arnold would have succeeded he would have been a hero and we would be singing God save the Queen; If Charles Martel would have failed - Europe would be the capital of the Muslim world, or if the world would have recognized the terror of the Nazi’s maybe we would have stepped up and entered WWII sooner and saved a lot of Jews from the concentration camps.  I do not write this to excuse what the Church did.  I write it to remind religious people of any creed; is your faith based on one man? Or does it have its roots in the Divine?  Does it take someone’s exposed sins for you to doubt 2,000 years of knowledge?  Does it take a few losers to remove all the good a religion has done around the world?  Is Mother Teresa any less great or her moral code less because of some pedophiles?  Or Gandhi? It is easy to take shots at the Church because it is slow to respond, and patient with its answers.  My personal opinion is a touch faster.  I was speaking with a friend of mine about the subject and I told him, just like I would tell any Catholic; you don’t like it…leave.  If all it takes is some idiots in Ireland or anywhere else to make you doubt truths that you hold and sacraments that you vowed too then leave; why would you stay?  Do you really think religion is about adding an adjective to your description?  Is it a drop down on facebook?     The Catholic Church has its failings and has its troubles but it aims for each member to be more than himself/herself.  The Church lays an idiots guide to being a good person; do unto others as you want them to do unto you…follow the 10 commandments and you are set.  It is idiot proof; the testimony is that even I get it.  I am not the best catholic, but the same goes for all religions.  The purpose of religion is for you to become better, to be a better member of humanity.  If you are somewhere where that is not happening, check yourself.  Don’t carry religion like a Boy Scout badge.  You live it, be better, help others or move aside and finish up your mediocre life and let the rest of us through.    

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