Monday, March 29, 2010

I played a little bit of golf this weekend.  I think that the running almost barefoot has helps my golf swing a ton.  Not going to lie, I totally look like a golfer.  I no longer feel that I am swinging out of control.  The tempo of my swing was relatively the same.  I was losing it on the back nine with my driver because my wrists were not rolling as they should…I would roll them too late causing a fade.  I stuck some insane flop shots and bunker sots, Philly Mick status. They landed soft little spin; one was 6- inches from the hole when it landed.  Besides that it was a good day to play.  My lag putting was a little lack luster.  I mis-judged downhill greens and did not read enough break when I went soft on the putts.   I may actually have to modify this paragraph because I am discovering my dormant love for pain.  Earlier this year was very difficult for me.  I thought I suffered from Winston Churchill’s “black dog” (Google it).  The reality is that we all go through spats with life.  For me it’s been a blessing in disguise because although I do not know what the future holds or “what’s going to happen.”  I really do not care.  I am so blessed, it’s ridiculous.  I will not go through a list because that’s boring, but I can say this - I feel the exact same way I did in the beginning of the year, but with a better perspective.   Robert Frost once said that the road less traveled made all the difference.  I know that road; I was just too much of a wimp to blaze through it.     I will add jogging and anything else I do to this paragraph.  FYI - training for a 10k, I am pretty psyched and I am figuring some stuff out, so the LA Marathon next year is looking like a possibility, but I want to hook up with a charitable organization, hopefully to raise awareness or money…recession and Bernie Madoff hit charities hard.

In the last few weeks I have been tested in different ways.  I started running almost barefoot -Vibram 5 Finger Shoes-, I tried to make peace with someone and had that thrown in my face, I had to live up to the adjectives that I use to describe myself and on top of that I only have baby steps to show for it.  I offered an olive branch to someone, because I genuinely was concerned for their well-being and I think my offer was received as a veiled threat instead.  Also most recently I had to act in accordance with the words I use to describe myself.  I did well actually.  I made sure to be myself the whole way through, which is a blessing.  Years ago I would have opted for a different route in both cases.  I would have thrown harsh commentary back at my spurned olive branch or chosen the easy route of blaming someone else for my mistakes or conduct, but that did not happen.  Everything I have ever done I take responsibility for; both good and bad.  I think the bad that I have done has helped me make better decisions and really focus on what is going to be better for me tomorrow, next week and in twenty years.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can tap-dance my way out of many situations including liability for my errors, but at the end of the day I admit them, mea culpa.  This year I have had to back my word with action more than the last decade; I say something and when I say it I mean it and I have had to act according to it, even if it kills me.  I think it shows character; in the long run I think it will make me a better member of society and people will be able to trust my opinion and know that although I am not Santa Claus or your favorite uncle; if I say I am coming through for you I will.  Now, getting me to say it, “ah there is the rub” as my boy Billy Shakes. put it.   

LAW SCHOOL - spring break, so here is a thought…

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.
Albert Pike

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