Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I read today in the NY Times that Telsa Motors raised its target for its IPO offering. They had given a preliminary target of 100 million, but now raised it to 178 million. Shares are expected to sell between $14-16. I find it interesting that they decide now to change the expectations, weeks ahead of their initial public offering. This can be both a political and financial decisions, I obviously think it is a little of both. Given the current economic climate and the grilling BP is going to get because of the oil spill, there are going to be a lot of firms looking for an eco-friendly place to invest as well as investors seeking these alternative investments to help diversify their portfolios. The energy companies and private investments in “GREEN” have not produced as expected. The economy took a dump and even if something saves the planet; if it “doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.” Sorry, I know that we should be trying to make a difference, but at this point the economy is in “fake recovery” mode. We have kick started ourselves by having ole B at the Fed hit the print button on the Commodore 64 and walking away. The truth is, wait for it, it is going to be an uphill, oil-slick, lightly tarnished golden road and all of us are going to have to start looking at investing and saving differently than the previous generation did. I would not be surprised if Telsa’s acts were a direct response to halting off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. I would not be shocked if they announce a plan to “create jobs” in the southern states and have an “American.” FYI, BP announced that it would stop the leak by august, hmm, right around the time of the Tesla IPO (initial public offering); who said stocks were not political? Options on Tesla, do it. Note: this is not investment advice, I am not saying to buy or sell; just food for thought.
I am going to work with backswing today because there are some kinks that have really annoyed me. At the top of the backswing the club points 20 yrds left of the target. It is causing me to leave the face open longer and giving me that amazing weak fade. It works but I really want to step up my search for yardage. I want to add 10-15 yards to every club in the bag and get back to standard on the lie of my clubs. I am hoping to get my shot to a draw, the last few sessions I have gotten a high draw on 8-9-PW and the wedges, but the longer clubs do not work the same. Right now I am playing 2 degree flat clubs because they appeal to my eye, but I think it is because my posture is off. I am not as straight at set up as I want to be. As my swing gets steeper I will start using the standard lie clubs and getting that draw going. I feel like I should be shooting well from here on out though especially if I keep practicing the lag putting that I have been. GIR, then lag and walk away.

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