Thursday, June 10, 2010

A question was posed to me regarding the level that a person should support their friends and family, either financially or time wise. 
To be quite honest I have not really considered it all that much.  I always assumed that helping whoever is in need is the appropriate thing to do at all times.  However, sometimes our help actually becomes a detriment to the person and can do even more harm than good.  I think that moderation is the key often referred to as balance.  Moderation in this sense would be neither solving their problem nor leaving them out in the cold.  For example, I have a friend who has trouble with his family and needs to vent.  Besides sharing a beer I cannot relate because I do not have my own family and it would be unfair to offer advice on subjects I don’t know.  However, I can empathize and listen.  But at some point I really do not want to hear it anymore.  I just want them to get better or get over it in the healthiest and most expeditious way.  We all need to “get it off our chest” but there comes a point where it moves from being a healthy release to becoming a dependency and victimization of ourselves merely to seek approval, comfort, sympathy or some other form of self gratification.  So when to stop?  It will depend on the situation, but prudence should illuminate and patience guide. 
As I am sure you are all aware this week a Mexican was killed along the border near the city of Juarez.  The teen was shot near the eye by US Border Patrol Agents. Near the Rio Grande that divides two nations.  The agency defended its actions by saying that throwing rocks justified a teen getting shot in the eye and killed.  Apparently throwing rocks is the use of deadly force.  I can see it, if you are David against Goliath, but really? Also there is video that contradicts the BP story and shows individuals running away, and two shots being fired after that.  I think this could be the Boston Massacre that Mexico/US needs to pass comprehensive immigration reform.  It would be unfair for me to say that the border patrol agent did not fear for his life over the stones being thrown which would entitle him to self defense.  Yet according to what I saw it was excessive use of force and I pray for a comprehensive investigation into the occurrence since relations between both countries is “strained” to put it mildly.  According the video the US clearly breached their duty of care and killed an innocent victim.  I hope this tragedy opens dialogue instead of fueling hatred because it would be a shame to lose a young life and have nothing to show for it.      The deceased’s mother stated she expected nothing to be done about it, I hope she is wrong.
Instead of golf today in honor of tomorrow...let’s talk soccer.  So I placed a friendly wager with a friend of mine on the World Cup Opening game.  I was blissfully ignorant that statistically according to ESPN; host nations have never lost an opener and have reached at least the second round of each World Cup, with six winning it. Over the last three tournaments, the hosts have gone 10-0-2 in the group stage.  So, i.e., I am screwed…but I am still excited for the cup and then the Tour de France with both I. Basso and L. Armstrong in the peloton, exciting!

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