Friday, June 18, 2010

The wins last night, Lakers and Mexico made me remember my old car.  Sometimes we think something is no good or does not work anymore, but regardless of circumstance we try and make things work.  Mexico much like the Lakers was against the odds and did not have a good history against France.  Actually the first game ever played in a world cup in 1930 was a Mexican defeat at the hands of the French.  My old car was a 95 Dodge Neon.  It was electric blue with two white racing stripes down the middle.  It was given to me by my brother after I graduated from college because I needed something to move around in to look for work.  The dashboard was painted white, very cool for the first owner, but the glare of the sun was brutal.  It was a Dodge, i.e. loud and its bark did not match its bite.  So you can imagine me driving a stick shift, loud, racing inspired vehicle around town.  Flash forward a few months… The driver seat was not able to sit up for the life of me.  No amount of WD40 will get it to give an inch.  So; naturally I being the mentalist and intellectual giant I am realized…I have two seats! Let’s just switch this thing up.  I changed the passenger seat into the driver side spot.  Lo and behold I have a seat that can sit up but that I cannot buckle into.  A few police warnings later, I opted for a racing seat from an online vendor.  It was a racing seat that could not adjust with a fighter pilot buckling system.  It was a freaking space launch every time I needed to go to the store or work.  Naturally I did not put the passenger seat back in the car because it would not match and that would make my dodge look terrible.  Ergo visa vie, now I have a one seat up front and any passengers look like hostages or passengers in a suspect taxi cab.  It was classic.  So at this point every kid with a racer wanted to take out my little dodge.  It was surprisingly nimble but come one who are we lying too.  After a few weeks with the racing seat, the hinge on the driver side door begins giving out.  The locking mechanism would not click when I closed the door, so slamming the door became option #1.  After option #1 finished off the lock, the door would casually swing open on right hand turns…this made driving especially exciting.  Stick shift, door swinging, and fighter pilot seat all combined.  It forced me to become an orchestra leader in my own car; I was a talented contortionist whenever I had a cup of coffee.  I am sure I scared the daylight out of my fellow drivers (my bad guys was not on purpose).  It got so bad that I ripped the plastic off the door and would grab onto the bare metal on right hand turns.  That car gave all it could.  And it made it everywhere I drove it…complaining a little, but it made it.  Just like the Lakers and the Mexican national soccer team.  They had some rocky moments where I knew I wanted to shake Lamar and tell him to play like we all know he can; or yell at the TV to pass or shoot as if I had a direct connection to the south african field.  Regardless of the bumps, both of these teams gave us an exciting and unique 06/17/2010; very Dodge Neon-like.

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