Monday, June 28, 2010

Today I read an article about a Mexican singer who hours after denouncing rumors of his murder was murdered; I giggled a little.  I am sorry but the headline threw me for a loop.  Then a few hours later I read about a Mexican gubernatorial candidate who was killed while en route to his last stop on the campaign trail.  This was in the Mexican state of Tamaulipass, the incumbent is ok in case you are wondering.  I remember as child the murder of a Mexican presidential candidate by the last name of Luis Donaldo Colosio.  I just searched him and he died in 1994.  I recall that his murder in Tijuana was tragic; it was heart wrenching to see how a man who was simply trying to serve was shot point blank and left a mourning wife and son.  I also recall all the media attention it got, heck if I can remember it obviously it was on the news.  I recall seeing images of his son receiving his first communion from Pope John Paul II.  Now, none of those memories of feelings arise.  I catch myself feeling bad for not feeling bad about death in the news anymore.  I think I have become so desensitized because we hear about it every day, it’s a scary thought not to be scared about it anymore.  I think on a subconscious level I am still concerned about it and I am naturally not too excited about the prospect of dying, but I have made it other.  It is in that place where I have things I do not know because you can only understand them if you have lived through them.  For example child birth that is one bullet Mother Nature is letting me dodge and I am so thankful for it.  That would definitely be something I would seek to avoid; I bruise easily and childbirth seems a smidge traumatic for everyone involved.  I can sympathize with the family of a murder victim because I have experienced it in my family.  It is a sense of loss and a sense of despair unlike any other.  It is ineffable.  I can comment that I am sad that I do not feel sadder, if that makes any sense.  I am frustrated that the media so influenced me that I do not feel at least a tinge of sadness at the death of a fellow human being.  I am going to have to work on that.  Not that I am going to cry or be devastated every time I hear about it, I would single handedly keep Kleenex in business if I did that; I think I will simply make a habit to pray for them and their families.  I think that any death is a loss, because it is a reminder that none of us will beat it.  Hopefully, as a culture and a species we will learn to value each other and really seek to expand the human experience, instead of drowning it with the junk the world feeds us.
My golf swing is a work in progress.  I find myself asking many more questions about it than I should.  I have steepened it, but when I need a “go to” swing I keep going to that high weak fade and just club up.  I am excited to really tinker with it this summer; I think that July is going to bring me some good fortune.  I am lag putting well because I am more worried about distance than the line for my putts.  The short irons are fine and not really an issue.  The only thing that I have encountered with the steep swing is that I am hooking more often.  Instead of my high fade with zero power, I am getting either a draw or a hook.  I am fine with either as long as I can get some distance off it.  We will see. 
School is going well, can’t really say much about it.  We had a DA and a Defense Attorney come to class and present closing arguments for the Necessity Defense.  It was really interesting to see the zeal and skill that they presented.  If I could speak as eloquently as they do I would be very content with myself.  Both of them were very skilled and argued opposing sides.  They also offered a lot of really good advice regarding law school and the practice of law in general.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was not so stressed out from the work load.  School and work have been a lethal combo this summer.  Anyhow, such is life so we keep trucking along

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