Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3.56 Mile Jog Thoughts - Property - Attachment to Greatness but shunning defeat

Last night after I got home from class I went on a run. I had not run since Saturday’s bike ride. It was really nice to stretch my legs out. I ran on pavement in a pair of Asics Banditos. They are not my usual VFF or Brooks Mach 11, but the shoe was light and promoted a mid foot strike. The pace went well and I was able to get in a 3.5 mile out and back and keep the avg. mile under 10 minutes. I was working with a heart rate monitor which was something new for me since I am not really one to limit myself if I am feeling well, but I guess it was a good thing. So naturally what do I do this morning? I get pissed off at myself for missing the Disneyland ½ marathon registration, don’t get it twisted I was not too excited about the magic kingdom taking $120 dollars to make me sweat and hurt at that happiest place on earth, but I really wanted to run that race. I will hopefully do it next year and with improved time. Anyway, I signed up for a 10k at Camp Pendleton, Oct 16, called Buffalo Alley. It is supposed to be awesome and the terrain will really test me. I think after that run I will begin signing up more in advance because I do have to get ready for the marathon, and the 100 mile ride will be the week before the 10k so long October.

I had my first Property class last night. It was good. The professor, just like all the other professors, I ridiculously brilliant and very quick witted. The professor breaks it down so it is not so hypothetical or theoretical which is nice because after a full day of work the last thing I want is theoretical questions to digest. I can say that I feel better this start. I am not saying that being a 2L has changed my view of law school; it is still a ball breaker. I do think that I am more open to the fluidity of it. First year you have a schema from undergrad that works for you, go to class, read, take test, done…in law in addition to that you have to analyze differently than you have ever had too. E.g. I say property you think real estate or an object you own. However, it is more involved as it is that and the relation of the parties to one another in regards to the object, i.e. joint ownership, etc. I am not going to repeat everything here; what I can say is you think you think the way others think but the thinking you do is no thinking at all.

Last night on Facebook I would Mexican pride in the fact that the new Miss Universe is from Guadalajara. Yet this morning, 72 bodies were found in a ranch after a gunfight between the Navy and Drug Cartels and there are no status updates. This behavior is repeated over and over ad infinitum. We swell with pride when something good happens and shun or stay silent when bad facts arise. We quickly attach ourselves to greatness because in a way it makes us great, but what about attachment to the not so good? It’s a normal human phenomenon, but should it be? As many of you know I side with eastern philosophy with regard to the human vs. animal distinction. While western philosophy states that we are different because we can reason, eastern says that we are different because we are benevolent. Why does our benevolence - desire to do more for others fall short in tragedy and swell in success? Is that why we as a populous are so amazed when we hear survival stories or heroic acts? Have we become a nation that is out for number one and never considers others? Yes, it is a good thing that a beautiful girl won a beauty pageant, shocker. But what about the families of 72 bodies that never knew what happened to their mom, dad, son or daughter? Where are the calls for prayers or the cries for justice? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and justice is blind, I guess sayings are sayings for a reason.

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