Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Short History of Nearly Everything (book), Law School Orientation, Golfing/Minimal Running Woes

I have been reading a book called a “Short History of nearly Everything” - it’s a science book that’s readable. I would not recommend this book to anyone unless they have a deep interest in the formation of the world and are ok with remembering all those scientists and facts you tried to forget every summer during elementary school. You know the whole finding the nucleus and tectonic plates and all that jazz. It breaks down the planet from the atom -> ocean and ultimately humans. I am enjoying it, but even I am unable to make much progress without getting tired and taking a break to read something else. I decided to start titling my blogs to give a sense of each paragraph, and also, selfishly, to recall when I said whatever I said. I remember creating a chart that links or attempted to link the Big Bang Theory to the 7 day Genesis account of creation. I have even presented the chart, but I can’t seem to find it. As I remember it the big bang theory fit right into the creation theory, minus the 7 day limit. I feel like one of those old guys who remember doing something but not where or how they did it…side note: this book had the most intelligible explanation of why Einstein and the theory of relativity was so important (you can’t appreciate him without the history of men and women who came before him). And pretty soon in my profile I will be creating a link to the books I have read. At the suggestion of a co-worker I started an excel spreadsheet that began Jan 08. Some of the books I have browsed are not as impressive as others…they range from ‘Atlas Shrugged to “I hope they Serve Beer in Hell.” Its not all I have read, but it will give you an idea. Also there are gaps in the list because of school and other random circumstances that prevented my reading. I really enjoy varying the materials I read from exceedingly abstract to absurd or funny. Anyway, that’s what’s up with that.

Law school how I love thee let me count the ways. Those ways at - 10 right now. I am not to psyched about returning to the LA drive grind. The benefit is that I get awesome MPG on my little car, but the fact is that I get that awesome mpg because it’s all freeways. Today is upper division orientation. I am not sure how much more oriented I want to be, but we will have a go of it. but I am worried, not going to lie.

Running woes will come first. I think I pushed myself too quickly. I was averaging 2-3 mile runs every day in addition to hitting golf balls and riding. But a few weeks ago I became obsessive about getting faster mile splits. Before I started the minimalist I could cruise the mile under 8 minutes no problem and had even pushed myself a lot faster, but I was not getting distance and I was fighting injury all the time. After going minimal my stride got shorter and running became enjoyable again, but miles ticked at 10.2 avg. So in my zeal I pushed myself with little foot support to crank out faster miles. I strained my calve muscle. It was a blow to me because I have gone months with no injury and getting stronger all the time. But this is a reminder of me being stupid. I should have been more patient and built gradually and stuck to my plan. I am not going to run for a few days and hit some mtn bike trails instead. This year I am going to (God willing and body holding) run a marathon, ride 100 miles, and reduce my handicap into the teens. In addition to work and law school. Yeah, lofty I know, but I think I can do it with some planning, a little luck, and hard work. I went to the range last week and hit horribly. I do not think it was possible to shank the ball that bad. My hips were swaying a lot to make up for the fact that I could not fire to the left. Point being it was ugly. I may go again today. We’ll see what the jefe says.

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