Friday, August 13, 2010

I finished reading the book Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. I enjoyed the last 30% of whole lot more than the beginning (see previous blog). It’s a good read so I will not spoil it. But warning, read the book if you are willing to challenge your vocabulary. He drops a lot of medical terms in the beginning that I had to look up, also be aware that this book will not help you survive, it only helps you understand why you wouldn’t. And read it with an open mind. Like any book, look at it critically, take the good drop the fluff and be better. After I finish any book, it usually peaks my interest in something else. This one got me interested in Aboriginal Song lines or Dreaming-tracks. I am going to look into this method. I actually do it a lot, but I want to practice it in a non-urban setting. Interestingly enough I was asked to present at a youth group on Joseph, son of Jacob, also a survivor in his own right. I am not big on taking biblical characters and chatting about them, because sometimes it is difficult to place them into a historical context. But, of all the characters I could have gotten, I got a survivor, who worked hard in his environment to achieve not only success but also the respect and admiration of two communities. Imhotep (i.e. maybe Joseph), has a lot of historical significance and archeological evidence that parallels the Biblical story. Most of it is circumstantial, but that is to be expected since the stories come from two different cultures with radically different beliefs.

I hit balls yesterday and I hit it terribly. My timing was off and my calf was hurting from a few longer runs I have done over the last week and a half. I could not really fire to the left side at all. I would scoop the ball and get poor contact. But I do feel that I am getting stronger and that is throwing me off. The best shot I hit was my friends 2-iron. I am going to look for a matt or a net so I can take full swings at home. My schedule is about to get very hectic with one of the most difficult semesters of law school coming up: Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure and Property…in addition to a 40 hour work week is going to make for good times and a lot of midnight running. All in all I felt ok with my tempo and rhythm, even though the ball flight did not seem to think so.

Spent too much on books, it makes me sad. Law school books are ridiculous, even the used ones. I feel that if I sell them after the semester I am getting robbed. So I am going to keep them, forever and ever. Just like my philosophy books. Anyway, I am running more often, I am going to take the Brooks Mach 11 to the trails. Runningwarehouse has a deal on them still so I bought 2 pairs. I also ordered another pair of VFF.

Res firma mitescere nescit

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