Monday, November 8, 2010

Range Session - Quick Vaquero Loop

Been a while since I jotted notes about my swing; but here it is.  My consistency and feel is a lot better when I “feel” a shorter and slower backswing.  I say feel because I sense a connectedness, but to the observer it may look the same as my normal swing would.  I generally fo full on all shots except three quarters on wedges (I carry three: PW, 52-gap, and 60-Lob).  Last time I thought was compact, my friends at the range said I had a John Daly backswing from the early 90s.  The images I think about are how I want to look when I finish and that the shaft is made of glass.  This helps me go slow at the backswing and come down hard at the ball on the downswing and making sure I swing through and end balanced.   I recently purchased a Tour Striker (pro); i.e. the aid McCord pushes on the golf Channel with a ridiculously little face that forces you to hit down at irons or risk a worm burner and giggles at the range.  I used it off mats and it was tight, but I definitely worth it.  My irons that session flew off the faces and I was getting a lot of draw.  Yesterday’s session, no draw, and lots high fades.  I was about 5-15 yards off target.  But when I was compact I was smoking the driver, like a dubbie.  I was on the upswing so it was too high, but a good session overall.  It was a great day to hit a few.

Last night I ran one of my regulars, the Vaquero Loop.  Is it weird that I have named them?  Before I used to just run around but there are four or five regular routes and I have apparently baptized them.  Last night’s Loop, usually 3.72 miles felt good, I pushed it to 4.01 just to get the full 4.  I ran and it seemed effortless, and I was right at my marathon pace (approx 9 min mile).  Exciting, but at the same time I am hoping for a decent first marathon in Los Angeles and a 3 or 4 mile good run may not be enough.  I know most people say that if you survive the training you are already far ahead of the game, but I am just scared of winter.  The night running is usually ok, because I am out at a time when normal people are asleep.  But now that the days are shorter I am worried about it because drivers are not as aware in the dark.  I am taking precautions like running in loud colors and a headlamp.  I am also going to start doing some track work.  My form seems to breakdown quickly on runs and that is depressing.  I am probably going to research that soon.  Congratulations to the entire peloton of NY marathon finishers.  I am jealous in a good way.

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