Monday, November 22, 2010

Topanga Trail Run

Yesterday I had a chance to preview a portion Topanga Canyon 10k.  I ran up to Eagle Rock, it’s a huge rock in the middle of a state park.  I really beat myself up over not having a camera available because the views of the Pacific Ocean were amazing from that vantage point.  I wore a cotton shirt (I know rookie move) and a windbreaker.  The windbreaker was a blessing because towards the end of the uphill section there were some areas where a “motivated” breeze made progress slow.  The way back down was great, technical near the rock, but fire roads besides that which made weaving a whole lot easier.  Overall I ran for almost an hour, and not very far but I was please with my calves.  The elevation change was 950 feet approximately and I felt good about it.  I think that a few more test runs on this trail and I could definitely be ready for the American River 50.  Not that it’s the same, but just the desolate feeling is something I have not gotten used to in my running and I know that’s going to be a big part of it. 

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