Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

The weekend was mixed emotionally. Usually am very excited for my long runs on Saturday. These help me know where my long distance fitness is and mentally give me an edge for the week because you can always think and say “I can do it, done it before.” However, these last two weeks I have felt the fire dwindle in me. Not sure why, but I have just not been the same. I feel like a lump of dying coal, just enough to stay warm but not enough to get a fire going. In an effort to revitalize my spirits I went to the driving range. I used my Tour Striker Training Aid (pro version) and it really helped. I warmed up with the club and then I hit some of the crispest iron shots without too much effort. I felt very smooth, like smooth operator status without being sleazy. Anyway, I am getting excited to play a round. I should have played more often in the summer when it was warm, but the financial statements weren’t allowing it, i.e. broke with re: to golf. I know a lot of people mention doing other things besides running, and golf has been my go to because it forces me to take a step back and focus or else the worm burners and non-intentional curve and knuckle balls with fly off the face of the club. Besides that the weekend was pretty calm.
I did a trail run on Sunday, it was pretty slow because I stayed out until 2 am the night before. Probably not a brilliant idea, but nevertheless I ran the next day. I am going to explore the trails some more come December. Also, I have to fight the cold. I hate waking up in the morning but I am going to have too. I need to stay up in Los Angeles to study for finals but I still need to fit in a run. So I will be trying to form a running habit a la 4 am. We’ll see how that goes.

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