Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sidelining Injury - Back to Minimalism

Last week was a solid training week for me. I logged some longer runs with increased paces and felt more efficient overall. I was also very excited to have a break in ugly weather and be able to hit the trails. Last week I ventured through an area of San Juan Capistrano unfamiliar to me which included some bushwhacking and fence jumping. I guess the trail is a horse trail and had not been cleared by the city maintenance yet and it ended on the top of a hill with no direction. At the top of said hill all the “trails” led to private homes which I was not going to try and get through, that’s called trespassing. So I found one home where the driveway was long enough that all that I would separate me from the street would be said driveway, no entering of someone’s backyard. PS, I am sorry to the person who saw a random guy running through their driveway, but you were the only home without a huge barking dog and with street access, so sorry I ran across, my bad.

I did not think much of it after the run and ran again a few days later. I had an awesome run, a little less than 10 miles (9.88) close to 9-ish min/miles which is one of the fastest long runs I have done. By the end of it you ask? - Limping. The course was flat and the only difference was side gusts (up to 20 mph); I was at the beach and sprinkling and wind got me for the last 1.5 mi of the run. After the beach run I hit the trails (slowly) with a friend and the rain and wind, aside from chilling me to the bone probably helped my left leg not swell, was not too much fun. I thought it was nothing because I have had aches and pains before, pretty standard.

I must have tweaked something in my lower left leg because I have been hobbling around for a few days unable to put much weight on my left. Can’t point my toes up, there is just no cooperation. If I had to pick sometime to have an injury it would pretty much be anytime but now. The LA Marathon is in a month, and the American River50 is coming and I really wanted to put in a solid month of training before it. But, the world works in mysterious ways.

I do think that my form has a lot to do with it…i.e. it got sloppier and I was running in my VFF a lot less. I get lazy and heel strike or I start speeding up just to get through the run by widening my stride instead of picking up the cadence, just sloppy. I am going to start doing some shorter runs in my VFF and other minimal-style shoes (brooks mach11, etc.) to get the form back into order. It helped me become a runner, and I trust it will again. In the spirit of good form click on this link to a blog I read a lot (running and rambling) for a contest to win a pair of NB Minimus (4mm drop, vibram soles, and they look awesome!!). Good luck with your runs, remember form and avoid trails that lead nowhere.

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