Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Reflection

I am not a fan of cookie cutter holidays. In general I am very much against them; however there are times when such a holiday is necessary to get your mind focused on what is really important assuming you know what to focus on. A long time ago Valentine’s Day was a huge deal for me. I actually dropped out of pledging for a frat in college because the “rush” day of the week landed on that day and I preferred to drive 60 miles to spend 20 minutes with my then girlfriend. Unfortunately, this holiday is now a whole other animal.
It is an infomercial for what a relationship should be and a reminder of all the things your relationship is not. I think that the push for this day should not be to check what you lack and make up with it with flowers, chocolate or jewelry…instead it should be a celebration of what you do have. There are a lot of people like me that will spend this day single; some by choice, circumstance or a third group who doesn’t know what the heck happened but here we are. Because you may or may not fall in these groups does not mean you do not have relationships to be thankful for. I could write about appreciating your family and friends but that would be the normal way to go with this post.

I would stress to remember the wonderful relationship you have with wait for it….yourself. Sometimes during these cookie cutter holidays we forget to take care of ourselves and as a result we forget to take of those around us. I know I am guilty of this. I did not take care of things in my past and those personality traits came back to bite me later. But I am thankful for getting along with myself a whole lot better. I used to push myself as more of a punishment for my own weaknesses instead of as a celebration of my strengths.

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