Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Golf has been a better tool for me than I could have ever imagined.  It has freed me to see things in places that I would never expect.  I feel very confident with my new swing.  I am taking, or at least feel that I am taking a slower swing, but with a more consistent pace.  I am going to be playing a lot this weekend.  I think that it will be good for me to get some fresh air.  I have been stuck behind the books for a few weeks now, and I may be loosing it.
I have been good the last few weeks.  I think I have made big strides with myself.  I still freak out a little bit, but at the same time I have been blessed to become more focused and more myself.  For a very long time i lost who I was and now I feel like I am arriving at the person that God wants me to be, the true me.  Last weekend I was walking back to school from a coffee shop.  I was just on the street and I heard a ping pong ball.  I know, odd that I know what that sounds like in the middle of downtown LA, however.  I heard the ball and decided to investigate.  I knocked on a door and a stranger answered.  I asked about the sound and he informed that they apparently  meet up to play on Sundays.  I joined this group of complete strangers and played a few games.  It was nice to play, I had not in a few weeks; but it came back quickly.  I have also been running more often, I think that that the days of jogging on the regular are returning which is a good thing.  I also had a chance to hang with family and friends this weekend.  Went to a club for a birthday celebration on Friday, then to a ball on Saturday at a country club in LA.  I enjoyed the company and talking to everyone at both the club and the sat event.  I am continuously amazed at the level of intellectualism and charisma that people whom I would never have "pegged" as being such.  Everyday I discover that people are more like me than ever before.  I used to always distinguish instead of reconcile; but now reconciling seems more logical.  Its an odd change for me but I think it is a blessing.  I swear, no one believes me, but God works in mysterious ways.  Nothing happens without a reason behind it, nothing.  Even the worse things in life have a lesson to teach.  
Law School, will take a different perspective today.  I read a story about a young lawyer who helped a family avoid losing their home.  I feel like a wimp saying this, but I really felt bad for the family.  I know that they entered into a loan that they should not have entered.  I know that a simple 99 cent calculator would have shown them that they were screwed in a few years.  But they have a family and when kids are involved its different.  If it was a couple that was just clinging to not loose their home I would be less likely to care, but they had two kids.  The young lawyer working via Google and a stern voice was able to reach an agreement with the lender.  I will not bore you with the details.  But that was so motivating to me.  I know that currently I am going through a rough patch in school, it is not easy or else everyone would do it.  But I want to be that resource that the community looks too when they need help.  I know that at the end of the day I want my life to positively influence the members of my community and give a voice to those who would have otherwise been silent.  I pray God helps me achieve this goal.

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