Monday, February 22, 2010

You know they say that History is written by the winner.  For a very long time I believed the same; I now think history is written by the loudest voice.  I am a firm believer that the truth will come out in the long run, always.  Anything done improperly or with ill will find its way back to its creator.  I really wish history someday views the silent ones in their appropriate light.  I read an article today about the Euro’s value and its conflicting views in Germany, Spain and Greece.  Reuters said that in the Greek parliament they complained that Germany should not denounce them for their finances if they had not yet paid reparations for WWII.  Note to Greece…115 million paid 1960.  They are in trouble, but what bothers me about these stories is not that they are in fiscal trouble… it is that they feel entitled to relief from stronger groups.  There is a mutual obligation to help fellow men across the valley of existence, but not to the detriment of ourselves or our beliefs.  People should be inclined to help others, it’s our human nature, but if helping makes you worse off or hurts you, then do not help.  But if you are not helping because of some ill will, misplaced or improper sentiment then don’t complain when you learn that spitting to heaven is not a good idea.
Law school has been great.  I had the opportunity go to dinner and a party with other students.  It was great and I enjoyed learning a lot from them.  I am a touch scared to be surrounded by so many intelligent people, but it was good nonetheless.  I have been reviewing for my laws class and trying to memorize elements for torts, but I think that torts can be so arbitrary based on judge that the elements are only a loose schema that may or may not be followed.   I just feel like I am getting lost in the Torts class, more than even contracts. 
Golf has actually become the more stable of my activities.  I avoid certain golf ranges, but besides that my distances are getting consistent.  The PING’s have helped, a lot.

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