Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well today has actually been a rather awkward day.  I have been too thoughtful today.  Not that being thoughtful is a bad thing, it is just it has made me lag and that’s not good.  I am usually pretty good about rallying past things so it is just going to have to be one of those times.  The issue is that I have never really had to rally past anything I really cared about.  Most of the time when it came to it I really had stopped caring long before or simply shut it out in pursuit of the next thing.  I must have ADD or something.  However this is one of those times when rallying in my usual jovial and childish spirit would not be the best thing to do.  If I do I will learn nothing and end up exactly at the beginning again.  Also I don’t really want to rally past just yet, I think I want to learn as much as I can first and then see what the man upstairs wants to show me.  Anyhow I had an interesting conversation last night, which really brought things home for me.  Unfortunately I am really slow at understanding simple things, but I can grasp ridiculously complicated things quickly… odd gift.   You know ever since I can remember I have known that I am not a patient person.  I think that God is forcing me to be one because I am not wise enough to practice it so he is going cold turkey patience style.  I am going to be patient and continue with the same plan I had before although the reasons have changed a touch I still think the whole thing is a good idea.  I am sticking with it because I gave my word I would. 

School has been fine, but I feel like I am not grasping what I should be.  I feel more lost than I did last semester.  I really like what I am reading and my professors are great but my comprehension of the material does not “feel” complete.  I know what it is, I know what I have to do with it, but I walk away thinking I am missing something or that I am not grasping the big picture.  Also this week I suffered one of the PC meltdowns that always happen when you need your PC.  My PC decided to do something and not give me access to anything so I had to reformat which is unfortunate because I lost completed files that I had to work with.  So that rather was junk.  I am really, really tempted to go the Mac route.  Anyone who knows me know that is a tough pill to swallow, especially for me because I don’t like one company controlling so much of your life, iPod, Podcasts, QuickTime the whole 9.  But…that having been said, they are reliable…I probably will not get one because they are a touch to pricey for me and I cannot afford to take time to learn to use it while needing to use it, but we’ll see.

                Golf was actually the best part of the weekend.  I played a round on Sunday.  I struck the ball well off the tee for the most part and played intelligent golf.  However my touch on the greens was ridiculous.  I was practically jabbing at every putt and forcing balls into the hole; definitely not exciting.  I am kind of hoping summer comes around so I can play a few rounds during the week.  I do not think I am going to be able to lower my handicap into the teens by May.  I am trying but it is looking tougher, I just can’t string the whole thing together.  I hit last night with a friend of mine.  Conversation was interesting but I think I just see the world differently than he does.  Also my driver was on fire… 80% of my shots were dead straight, hybrids were flying even with a slight draw at times and irons on target with a slight fade at the end.  The only irons I was having trouble with was the 4 + 5 Irons which were going just not the distances that they usually do.  I think it helps my swing that I was distracted and had my mind on other things so the muscle memory kicked in and just went through the swing.

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